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Dianne Bischoff James - Life Transformation Coach, Speaker and Author



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Welcome to the Shortcuts for Happy Living!

I woke up at 40 years old and realized I was fat, depressed, married to the wrong guy and in a boring corporate career. I remember feeling incredibly scared, overwhelmed and alone. Sometimes I’d just sit in my house and stare at my computer screen with no clue as to what I should be doing to fix what was wrong with me. I was frozen in a weird mix of excitement and shame. The problem was that I had a million things I knew I should be doing to break free from my body issues, unhealthy relationships and a boring career... but I was paralyzed.
I had dreams about getting fit, becoming a performer and finding my soulmate, but not a lot of direction on how to make it all come to life. Sometimes I’d gaze out of my bedroom window late at night, wistfully dreaming that some savvy life-change fairy godmother would come and save me. (It’s pretty delusional, I know.) I have studied every psychology, philosophy and metaphysical book ever written, so I decided to come up with cheat-sheet that summarized the critical principles for finding lifetime happiness. I put together the Shortcuts for Happy Living and embodied the principles.
Fast forward to now. After actively transforming EVERYTHING, my life is completely different. I lost 60 pounds, became an actor, author, speaker and healer and recently moved to New England to enjoy a more outdoorsy lifestye. The shortcuts are key concepts that will change the way you think about daily life. So, here is the first shortcut to help you reframe your ideas about the world and how it functions- Rule #1... It's All GoodThe Universe is already in order and in a state of well-being. 
Our brains are designed to scan the environment to protect us against danger and/or inconsistencies. Your subconscious mind is constantly monitoring your surroundings, trying to make sense of your experiences and search for what's wrong. In addition to this natural programming, generations before us have suffered hardships while living through two world wars and The Great Depression. Over time, these experiences reinforced man's notion that the world is unsafe and resources are scarce. Fortunately, this is not the case, the Universe is abundant, supportive and plentiful. In fact, according to the Waste and Resources Action Program, if we collected and distributed the food that was wasted on a daily basis, we could feed the 870 million hungry people worldwide. Clearly, we do not distribute food effectively and have not thoughtfully conserved the Earth's natural resources, but the Universe is still in perfect working order. New growth will prevail and your life is unfolding to support your highest and greatest good. By utilzing strong manifestation skills, you can partner with the Universe to create anything you want... because It's All Good