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Dianne Bischoff James - Life Transformation Coach, Speaker and Author

Dianne Recommends

There is nothing worse than looking down at your hands and noticing that horrible small brown spots have emerged on the skin... age spots. Right when I hit midlife, these dark pigment areas popped up all over my hands as the result of many hot, sunny days tanning in my teens. I was mortified, feeling older than old and I just wanted them to go away. I know that expensive laser treatments can help, but I don't want to spend thousands of dollars in the doctor's office to have the top layer of my skin burned off.


This year, at the New Life Expo in New York City, I discovered Johnathon's Sprouts Broccoli Infused Skin Salve, an exciting, alternative solution for reducing age spots. The owner of the company told me that the handmade cream would not only keep my hands soft in the winter, but the natural chemicals in broccoli lighthen up the spots. I was up for the challenge. Here is my hand after only a couple of weeks of using the salve. I have super fair skin, but most of the spots are already gone! You need to keep using the salve or the spots will come back, but it's not very expensive cream and it feels very hydrating. I will keep you posted on the progress.

Johnathan's Sprouts Broccoli Infused Skin Salve- $15. 


Crystal Light Bath

I had the wonderful opportunity to experience the John of God Crystal Light Bed at the SunGates Center located in Wheeling, Illinois. The Crystal Light Bed is an advanced chromatherapy machine that uses light beams focused at the body's chakras through seven pure quartz crystals. The lights alternate on and off to provide a balancing effect on the body, mind and Spirit and ultimately stimulate healing. 


SunGates Center, located at 395 East Dundee Road in Wheeling offers their Crystal Light Healing in a small, private room and I was able to lie down comfortably on the bed, close my eyes and listen to soothing, meditative music playing in the background while the overhead crystals delivered vibrations to different parts of my body. I dozed in and out of a relaxed state for twenty minutes and when my session was over, I stood up feeling energized and alive. Other people claim that they feel calm and serene after a session, but I felt as if I'd had a large cup of coffee and my internal systems were turned on. This vibrant feeling lasted with me for a couple of days. I truly enjoyed the Crystal Bath session and would recommend it to anyone who wanted to experience the power of chromatherapy.


Rita Bord, a Certified Holistic Coach is one of the leaders at SunGates and serves as guide for the Crystal Light Therapy. She also takes groups, large and small groups to visit John of God in Abadiania several times each year. Crystal Light therapy rates are 20 minutes for $25 and 40 minutes for $45.


Sea Buckthron Oil

I don't like the taste of fish oil, so while searching for a way to get more OMEGA-7 in my diet, I stumbled upon Sibu Sea Buckthorn Oil. I found these little vegetable pills online and read several reviews that gave the product high marks for improving skin tone and texture, so I had to try it out. After taking one sea buckthorn pill daily for a month, I discovered a huge benefit... for the first time in a decade, my nails grew long and strong. Considering the fact that they had been brittle and broken down to the nail bed for years, the product's results were nothing short of a miracle.   


Sea buckthorn oil somehow helps my nail structure become more firm and even smooths out the ridges. One day, I mentioned my discovery to a chiropractor and she too had serendipitously stumbled upon the same secret... healthy nails via sea buckthorn oil.


It is important to note, that when I stop taking the pills for more than a week my nails start to break again. And, if I want to ensure long nails for an event, I take 2 pills, one in the morning and one at night for extra long nail growth.  


Current average Amazon price: $18.00 for 60 soft gels. Sibu Sea Buckthorn Oil