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Dianne Bischoff James - Life Transformation Coach, Speaker and Author

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Wild Oregano Soft Gel


Over the long fall and winter months, we will all be exposed to a plethora of bugs and germs. Although there are natural products that claim to fight-off colds including Vitamin C powders and Zinc-based nasal sprays, the best natural remedy I've found is Wild Oregano Oil. According to studies, oregano oil has anti-fungal, antiviral properties and in a study performed in the UK, oregano was effective against 25 different bacterial strains. In lab cultures, oregano oil has put up a strong fight against the bacteria that causes candida and is also known to be tremendously helpful with gastrointestinal issues. But beyond the scientific research, Wild Oregano Oil has helped me ward off every cold and flu virus that passed through our home over the past two years. (And, I have three kids who come home sick from school all the time!)   


The minute I feel a scratchy throat or even a tickle, I run to grab the natural influenza-preventive remedy, Wild Oregano Oil. I strongly recommend that you take the oregano oil in the form of a softgel pill because the straight liquid oil tastes terrible and will burn your throat the whole way down. (I know this from first-hand experience.) The oil in the softgel is easy to swallow and seems to have only one negative trait - it can produce a slight oregano taste in your mouth that lasts for up to an hour. Other than the taste, the pill has no other side effect. It's best to take the pill at the onset of your symptoms, because once you've contracted a bug, the oil is not effective in shortening or eliminating the duration of the illness.


I recommend that you take one softgel as soon as you feel any symptoms such as runny nose, sniffle or cough and then take another softgel at night before you go to bed. And, keep a bottle of bottle of Wild Oregano Oil pills nearby your desk just in case you need it. There are a variety of brands at Whole Foods and on for $12. Here is the link to the Solgar brand. Solgar Wild Oregano Oil Softgels