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Dianne Bischoff James - Life Transformation Coach, Speaker and Author

Dianne Recommends

Resq Organics


I travel to expos all over the country offering workshops and at one of my recent expos, I gratefully discovered RESQ Organics. This product contains all natural ingredients and a "secret weapon" that rapidly heals almost any kind of skin ailment - manuka honey. Let's face it, as we age, strange things happen on the surface of the skin including itchy irritations, dry patches and scabby areas. RESQ Organic Skin trreatment fixes everything after only a couple of days.


Recently, I noticed a rough spot had formed on the side of my forehead. I tried using my standard cleanser, exfoliant and night cream, but the patch increased in size and was getting worse. I purchased the jar of RESQ Organic Skin Treatment and rubbed a tiny bit on my forehead my skin cleared up in 2 days! Now, I keep the green jar handy and use it on myself and the kids for everything skin... athlete's foot, cuts, burns, and even sunburns. This is one of the best healing salves on the market and the company has a full line of products for men and pets as well. I also tried their RESQ Shampoo and was delighted to report that it leaves my hair soft and supple because it does not contain detergent, soap or chemicals. The only negative comment about this product is that it smells "milky" because it does not contain perfumes.


A jar of RESQ Organics Skin Treatment 4 oz. can be purchased for $40 at A bottle of RESQ Shampoo is $25.