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Dianne Bischoff James - Life Transformation Coach, Speaker and Author

Dianne Recommends

John Newton


If you have chronic body pain or joint discomfort, it's time to consider a new approach. For the past decade, I’ve suffered with neck and shoulder issues as well as sciatica and plantar fasciitis. I’m a big fan of Western medicine and have pursued physical therapy as well as rotator cuff surgery when it was necessary. In addition, I've exercised weekly, practiced yoga, and used cold packs before going to bed to reduce inflamation. Despite my effort to strengthen and stretch, I still had painful, tender areas, especially in my feet.   


Last year, a friend invited me to attend a presentation by John Newton. I knew nothing about Newton or his special gift of healing, but I followed my gut and was blown away. I was so inspired by his ability to Heal Beyond Belief, I schedule a private session with him at the Be Optimal holistic center in Glenview, IL to see if his methods could offer a solution to my persistent foot discomfort.


After one session with John, I found something that Western medicine could not give me... complete relief. According to the metaphysical world, body issues are tied directly to traumas that have occurred in the past. Newton intuitively sensed my physical discomfort and identified many of my deep, personal, childhood-related issues. He sat across the room, held out his hand, and delivered an intense prayer requesting forgiveness for any past hurts and wrongs tied to my ailment and included a line of ancestral healing. I don’t know exactly how it works... but I have not had foot pain since the session. 


If you are interested, I strongly recommend checking out an alternative to coping with pain. Website: Newton travels to several states and offers group sessions for a fee of $60. In-person sessions are available when he is touring and phone sessions are highly effective as well for $250 per hour.